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About Battista Hockey


The Mission

Our mission is simple but effective: 'Teach Life Skills Through the Game of Hockey'. We believe that the game offers a lot of life parallels and with the challenges youth players face today, it is important to focus on the small details. We strive to develop not only the players skills on the ice, but their life skills off the ice. With years of experience at different levels and caliber of play we have effectively developed teaching methods that reflect our ideology. The player is the focus and should always be the focus. Not just the obvious such as players skill and speed but the less subtle such as the way the player reads the game, anticipates, deals with emotions, being equipped to face adversity, and the most important thing: Being Disciplined, in the game and in life. The idea is to bring together all the necessary resources to create a new platform for players to reach their full potential. 


From Left to Right: Joe, Nick, Jan, Anthony

Battista Hockey, LLC was founded and launched in 2018. With a family tradition of hockey that spans 2 generations, it was important to put use the collective knowledge necessary for developing players in todays game. We feel combining older techniques and concepts with the faster pace of todays game are extremely effective. From working years of hockey camps and clinics, coaching everything from youth hockey to women's hockey to college hockey, we have a humble background and wish to share our knowledge and resources to any and all willing to learn and grow. We found that the game is always changing and we must be constantly up to date on the current trends while forging ahead to create new ones. Offering a "tradition" type environment is the main focus as we want players to cherish the game, their coaches, the love of the game, and most important their parents for taking the time to make this opportunity available to their kids. Through Battista Hockey, you will learn life through hockey!

Nick Battista

Head Instructor and Owner of Battista Hockey, LLC

Nick has had a respectable career both on and off the ice. With a drive to coach and instruct early on, he got as involved with the game as much as he could. He started playing after he had been introduced to the game prior by his older brother Anthony and his dad, Jan. Playing for local teams such the Greater Pittsburgh Huskies Organization as well as a short year with the Pittsburgh Vipers. Nick went on to play for California University of PA Men's Ice Hockey Programs for both the top team (CHE) and the lower team (CHA). While there he served as Vice President for a year followed by President the next year. Once finishing playing at Cal, he immediately got into coaching starting with learn-to-plays/skates, transition clinics, checking clinics, etc. Over the course of 10 years, Nick has coached various camps and teams which includes everything from instructing at the Penn State Ice Hockey Summer Camps, to working with the Allegheny Badgers, to other avenues such as Little Pens, Try Hockey For Free, and more! Nick has is a Level 5 Master certified USA Hockey coach which was attained in Lake Placed, NY in the summer of 2018. Nick continues to study and learn as much as he can about the game, skating, and training to help to continuously improve players at all different levels.